Recently I get a call from a Purchasing Manager of Some Company, he invite me to come to his office to participate ‘aanwizzing’. So I came there with my staff and met him and his team.
The meeting was planned to be participated by 3 or 4 company. But that day, only me and my staff (Mr. Adit) and someone named Mr.Arif from another company that attend for the aanwizzing. Well it quite obvious “Why their existing supplier, didn’t attend this meeting?” that question is flying arround my mind. But let’s forget about that.
The meeting started, the host and his team tell us about the purpose of this event. The purpose is to invite several competent supplier or contractor in water engineering business to be their vendor for Water Recycle System. “Hmm.. this sound interesting, but I wonder if they are really serious about this or just playing with us” that’s what I think.
The system will help us supply water for washing our car, watering the plant, and cleaning the building. More than that the raw water that we’ll be using is the STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) discharge water. The target is to reduce cost of water consumption, by using a recycled water. That’s the point of the meeting that i give big bold.
As usual, after the host and his team finish their explanation, I asked them to give us several data regarding the project. Last 3 month of water consumption and CoA data, area layout, piping obstacle, and the regulation target are the key in designing this system.Once i get it, it’s mean the rest is just sales activity.
The meeting was finished, and we Kubota Kasui team are allowed to go home and send them (The Customers) the quotation.
I start the designing just right after I get the data that I want. The design is quite simple, because the water source have quite good parameter.
After designing the Water Recycling System, I start to calculate the efficiency that they can get if they use our system. The result is quite shocking, by recycling the discharge water they can save up to 40.000 USD per/year. Wow, this is fantastic.

The result is quite shocking, by recycling the discharge water they can save up to 40.000 USD per/year. Wow, this is fantastic.

Imagine that’s amount will be save from unnecessarily expense.What if all building, house, factory, hospital and others doing the same thing? this will be mean a huge national saving action that hit several birds with one rock.
I just realize that in Indonesia, water recycling activity is not quite popular than wasting water activity. This mean most of Indonesian are take their money for water, and they didn’t realize this potention. Factory, mall, hospital, are places that require a lot of water to be functioned properly,because without water all activity will be hard.
By recycling water, we can get a lot of advantage such as :
1. Cost down of water daily expense
2. Help the earth from clean water crisis
3. Get a good acknowledgement from ministry of environment
4. Give a good image for your company as an environment care company.
And there are more benefit that we can get from this strategy. So why don’t we start recycling our discharge water and start saving our money?

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