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We Can Make It : “Free Energy Resource From Waste Water”

Water is vital for the existence of living beings, both for plants, animals and the human. Water is also recognized as a vital factor in the world of industry. The entire industry in any scale must use water. Water that has been completed is used and not suitable for consumption again referred to as waste water.
Waste water, has become a commodity that will occur when the water consumption activities carried out. When cooking, cleaning, or as a raw material in industry. Water really is needed. But the notion that water is a natural resource that is not limited to make some people underestimate the water, resulting in wastage of this vital resource. This perception makes a lot of industry avoid to treat their waste water, because they think waste water is useless. This Perception is wrong!
Recent research shows that wastewater can actually produce energy. Today Some places have been able to make huge amounts of energy to be able to supply the plant with the use of wastewater. Amazing isn’t it? Waste water, which in essence is water that contains excessive parameter or substance. These parameters can include the value of minerals, COD, BOD, TOC or the other. Deeper understanding of the parameters that have a value of this excess may be a basis for creating energy reactor plant using waste water as its source.
Here are some examples of the parameters that we can consider in using the resources. 
1. Temperature 
High temperatures in most of the actual waste water can be used to develop energy reactor. For example, a textile mill that performs color dyeing will produce waste water that has a temperature above 130 Celcius, it is fantastic considering the heat = energy. So by making a heat converter plant, we can get this energy.
2. Ingredients Organic Matter
TOC or Total Organic Content is one of the parameters that can produce energy, high TOC values will be indicated by a high COD or BOD. How to convert enough energy has also been demonstrated by several companies, namely by using a system based on anaerobic wastewater treatment reactor. Anaerobic reactors will make the content of organic substances in waste water turned into biogas, which can later be used as a source of energy.
3. Flow of WasteWater 
High discharge wastewater can also be one of the parameters to create energy. Combined with hydroelectric generator, the high water discharge will be turned into electricity. And Voila free electricity obtained.
Fact Show that there are many techniques that can be selected to obtain energy from wastewater. But of course this also requires awareness of the industry players firmness, government and supported by scientists. So that in the future, the Waste Water Treatment Plant will change its name to ECR (Energy Converting Reactor).

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