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4 Stupid-Simple Ways To Check Your Water is Safe or Not

4 Stupid-Simple Ways To Check Your Water is Safe or Not

Hello, I very excited to meet you again in this post.

I really happy to know there are still somebody who really give a concern about water treatment. Because somehow in these days, i have seen that like everybody is just not give a concern about water. Even to the water that they drink.. And even if that will endangerous them.

Well.. Let’s cut all the annoying chat (I know some of you just want to know how to check it). Then let’s get to start with this. And we will discover that there are several stupid-simple ways to check our water, for the safety needs.

And here is the number one

1. Take a glass of water, and Let it there for a night

What does it means?

I know that my english is not quite good. But here is the reason behind this ways of checking.

Do You Know several chemical elements like Ferri (Iron) and Manganesse?

these elements will make some sludge or sediment or dirts in the water after a few hours (some times only in a few minutes).

You will see something colored like soil dirt will comes into your glass of water, and that are called iron pollutant.

But if you see some dirt like have a blue color, well congratulations.. You just saved your body from a toxic manganesse..

What else that you can find with this first tips of checking your water?

You also can see that in one night, the water that you have collected in the glass may be will be full of insects or ants.

And what sign that we get from there?

We get a sign that the water we consume is have some mineral like magnesium or calcium on it.and it may be not so bad to have it (If in a tollerable amount of course). >> well discuss about this later.

2. Boil it until almost dry and you’ll see something

I really recomend you this watch over your stove while you’re doing this. Because it may start off a fire in your house, if you forgot to turn it off.

Well, what’s the reason of doing this? Of course the first reason is to make sure your water is safe to drink. and The second reason is to see, what pollutant does your water has.

You see, some water will have a huge ammount of calcium and/or magnessium on it. And it callled as hardness.

If you think calcium and magnesium is good for your body. Then you’re right.. But not absolutely right.

The calcium and magnesium that we need is the calcium in the form of organic form. Like Calcium Lactate. But in the water, the calcium may be exist in other forms. And most likely it’s in innorganic form. and that’s kind of calcium are the one that not safe and will ruining our health

With this simple checking method, you will make sure that your water is safe by see the signs left by boiled water. If there are some kind of marks like this :

That’s mean you have quite huge hardness content on your water. And so.. it’s not fully safe to drink that water for a long time (I recomend you to install some softener system).

3. Make a nice cup of tea with it.

The third way to check your water is safe or not, is just make a cup of tea with them.

You know, that tea have a good antioxidant substance on them. And it will react with the pollutant or chemical elements in the water.

Don’t drink it, just let it there for one whole day. And after that, if you see the color of the tea water is not normal (I recomend that you also make a blanko to see the differences), please consider to treat the water before you use it. Because the water that you have maybe contain some harmful pollutant that can ruin your health.

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4. Check the pH and TDS of your water using a pH and TDS meter

Maybe this way of checking your water, will cost you a little bit of money. But hey.. I think it’s worthed. Because these two parameters will give you a big information about the safety degree of your water.

You see, a safe to drink water will have a pH about 6 – 9. And if you find the water that you consume, are having more or less that the value that I told you, then it’s mean the water is not safe to consume. Maybe there are some pollutant like base or acid that accidentally enter your water system.

You can check many article on the internet that will give you a good explanation about how dangerous water can be if they have abnormal pH.

And for the TDS, it should show that the water that you and your family consuming are having a low TDS. The recomended TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) for your drinking water is below 500 mg/L.

If you find that your water that you drinkin are having more that 500 mg/L of TDS. Then get ready to have a problem in your kindney in the next 5 years.

Well.. I thinks these 4 ways of water checking will give you a quite good information about the water that you consume. But if you need some other good information about it, then stay tune in on-water.us by subscribing our newsletter.

See you next time in olah-air.com

Warm Regards

Mr. Anggi Nurbana

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